Q: How many days are you closed each year? Do you have a spring or summer break?

A. St. John’s was founded to support families with working parents. For that reason we are open between 235 and 240 days each year — which generally means closed a total of only 20-22 week days each year. This includes our closing for a Winter Break each year between Christmas and New Years.  We are closed all standard Federal Holidays (Christmas, Labor Day, Memorial Day etc) and generally 5-6 staff development days each year. Please see our school calendar for this years calendar.

Our leave of absence policy allows families to take leave for at least six weeks, but not exceeding one year, for family vacations, sabbaticals, new baby care or other life event where you do not require childcare/ preschool. Families may either reduce their days/hours temporarily, or withdraw entirely for a short term. A formal request must be submitted and approved, there is an additional deposit to take a leave of absence.

Q. What does our tuition include? 

A.  At St. John’s the only “extra fee” is an initial Enrollment Fee, and then a $250 annual Supply, Equipment and Materials Fee each September. Everything else in included in your tuition: meals, diapers, wipes and milk/formula.

St. John’s provides a hot brunch & lunch, and a pm snack each day. We prepare all of our food in our kitchen and strive to provide nutritious food that kids like. We provide a mix of homemade & purchased baby food, as well as the Enfamil family of formula’s for our babies. We serve water with Brunch & PM snack, and organic milk or organic soymilk with lunch (parent choice).  We provide Huggies diapers & unscented wipes, as well as returnable wet bags for soiled clothing.

Q. What hours are you open?

A.  The classrooms are open from 7:30-6:00 Monday through Friday, families choose specific schedules based on needs – ranging from a minimum schedule from 8:30-4, through a full 10.5 hour day, with many options in between.

We do not have specific drop-off hours, however you may not drop off in the Wobbly Walker or Busy Bee room between 11am and 2 pm unless you have pre-arranged it with your child’s teachers.

If you do not need the flexibility of full day care, you can contract for specific hours. Please see  Tuition and Enrollment for more details.

Q. Do you have low staff turnover?

A. Yes! St. John’s is lucky to have very low turnover among staff. 72% of our teachers have been here 5+ years. Our director has been here since 2003 and we have several staff who have been here more then 10 years, and a few who are past 15 years!

Q. What education does your staff have?

A. The state of California requires early childhood educators to have teacher permits. These permits are given dependent on the number of Early Childhood Education (ECE) units taken. The permits our teachers hold are Master Teacher, Teacher, Associate Teacher, and Assistant Teacher. We staff each classroom with a combination of the above. All teachers are Infant Toddler CPR trained, and we renew our certificates every two years. The director has an MA in Early Childhood Special Education, and our Program Director has an MA in Early Childhood Education.

Q. What benefits do you offer staff?

A. Staff receive a competitive salary, as well as paid vacation and sick leave, full medical and dental benefits, life insurance, and an optional 403B retirement plan. The center pays for Early Childhood Education classes and other workshops, conferences or classes related to their current classroom assignment. We also offer reduced tuition for children of staff and give them priority for tuition assistance when it is available and they are eligible.

Q. What is your relationship with St. John’s Presbyterian Church?

A. St. John’s Childcare is sponsored by St. John’s Presbyterian. We pay them a monthly user fee, and share their non-profit status. We are a non-denominational program, refraining from religious instruction and worship. St. John’s Childcare is governed by a Board of Directors made up of parents, community members, and church members.  We are always looking for new community & parent board members!

Q.  What is inclusive child care?

A.  An inclusive child care program is just like any other child care program, where we acknowledge and support the individual needs of each child and make sure every child feels welcome.  In an inclusive program, children with and without disabilities participate in play and learning activities together in the typical day-to-day activities of all children in child care settings.   Some simple modifications to routines and activities may be made so each child can benefit from participating.

Q.  What are some of the benefits for children in an inclusive program?

A.  The opportunity for children with special needs to participate in playful and natural environments with other young children has great value for all children.  Children become aware of differences and similarities between themselves and their peers.  As the children play together, they develop a sense that everyone, regardless of ability or disability, makes an important contribution.

Q. Do the children play outside regularly?

FullSizeRenderA. We have a great playground, with direct access from each classroom. We believe it is important for every child to have active time outside, every day – even when the weather isn’t the best. Please be sure your child has appropriate outer clothing for the weather (coats, boots, hats) as well as sunscreen, if your child uses it. Each class has both dedicated and shared playground time every morning and afternoon. In inclement weather we take the children upstairs to play in the gym or a meeting room. Babies go for stroller walks in the neighborhood, while toddlers and preschoolers will walk to nearby interesting places:parks, playgrounds, the neighbor with chickens, fire station, etc.

Q: What does Tuition include?

A. Our tuition includes a supply, equipment, and material fee to $400.