Our program

We offer the highest quality of care with educated teachers and low staff turnover.  Our three classrooms provide developmentally appropriate activities, with a mix of child and teacher directed activities. Our curriculum is developmentally appropriate, play-based and includes opportunities in large and small motor development, art and sensory experiences, language development, music, pre-math, science and pre-literacy exposure through lots of books, finger plays and storytelling.

We are an inclusive childcare program, which means children with and without disabilities are nurtured and participate in play and learning activities together.  Our philosophy is to acknowledge and support the individual needs of ALL children, and we offer a supportive environment for all children to grow and develop.  If needed, some modifications to routines and activities are made so each child can benefit and engage in typical day-to day activities.  Some of the benefits for children in an inclusive program include an opportunity for children with special  needs to participate in a playful and natural environment with other young children.  Children become aware of differences and similarities between themselves and their peers, and develop a sense that EVERYONE makes an important contribution.

Nutritious meals and snacks
St. John’s Childcare ensures that all of our meals are healthy, nutritiously balanced, and served in appropriate, child-sized portions. Each day our experienced cook prepares brunch, lunch and an afternoon snack for all the children in the program at no additional cost to parents.  Fresh fruits and vegetables are used whenever possible.   We also provide cereals, homemade pureed baby food and the Enfamil family of infant formula.  We accommodate parental food preferences and make substitutions for food allergies and vegetarians. We serve water at brunch & snack, and make sure it is always available to all toddlers & preschoolers. We serve organic milk with lunch. We are a nut and peanut free program, and do not allow nuts to be served for any reason.


A place for families

St. John’s Childcare recognizes family as the most important factor in a child’s life. We have an “open door” policy, where parents are always welcome and encouraged to be a part of our program.  Parents at St. John’s are required to attend  at least one board meeting in their child’s first year of enrollment and participate monthly (20 hours/year per enrolled child). Parents are always welcome to join us!