Our History, Mission, and Philosophy

Our History

St. John’s Childcare center was created in 1973 by St. John’s Presbyterian Church to meet a need in the community.  Since then, we have  expanded into a non-profit, multicultural, non-denominational program serving infants and toddlers, and now preschool age children.

St John’s Childcare Center is governed by a Board of Directors that consists of parents, community members, and members of St. John’s Presbyterian Church.  The Board meets monthly to discuss the program, staff, budget, and general goings-on of the center.

Our Mission:

To provide the highest quality childcare to really little kids (from 3 months to 5 years).

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Our Philosophy:

We believe that each child is an individual, who- if given a creative encouraging environment – will blossom.  Our program is designed to nurture self-esteem and encourage independence.  We believe that young children learn best through play, and we ensure that all elements of the environment enhance and nurture the child’s natural curiosity.

We respect the rights of all children as human beings.  Children are encouraged, but never forced to take an active role in self help skills, dressing, toileting and eating.  Guidance takes the form of encouraging desirable behaviors and redirecting undesirable or inappropriate ones.  We do not use punishment in any form.  We do not use time outs.


We celebrate the diversity of our families and staff by encouraging respect and acceptance of all people.  We believe that children learn valuable social skills and respect differences in an environment that is multicultural.  We believe in inclusion, and will accommodate children with disabilities and other special needs, supporting the individual needs of each child and making sure every child feels welcome.