Tuition and Enrollment

September 1st, 2021, – August 31st, 2022, Tuition Options

* Full day Is not offered now but will be back when covid rules allow.

  • Tuition usually increases 3-5% per year, in September each year




Full day*(730-6) 9.5 hr day 9 hr day 8.5 hr day 8 hr day
Infants $2,130 $2,850 $2,675 $2,535 $2,255 $2,255
Toddlers $1,855 $2,475 $2,330 $2,210 $2,085 $1,960
Pre-school $1,625 $2,140 $2,040 $1,930 $1,825 $1,720

Infants (3-17 months)

Core(830-4) Full day* (730-6) 9.5 hr day 9 hr day 8.5 hr day 8 hr day
Two day $975 $1,315 $1,230 $1,165 $1,100 $1,035
Three day $1,465 $1,975 $1,850 $1,750 $1,655 $1,555
Four days $1,950 $2,630 $2,465 $2,335 $2,205 $2,075
Fulltime $2,130 $2,850 $2,675 $2,535 $2,395 $2,255
Toddlers (18-35 months)
Core(830-4) Full day* (730-6) 9.5 hr day 9 hr day 8.5 hr day 8 hr day
Two day $850 $1,140 $1,070 $1,015 $960 $905
Three day $1,275 $1,710 $1,610 $1,525 $1,440 $1,355
Four days $1,700 $2,280 $2,145 $2,030 $1,920 $1,805
Fulltime $1,855 $2,476 $2,330 $2,210 $2,085 $1,960

Preschool (36+ months)

Core(830-4) Full day* (730-6) 9.5 hr 9 hr 8.5 hr day 8 hr
Two day $745 $990 $935 $885 $835 $790
Three day $1,115 $1,480 $1,405 $1,330 $1,255 $1,180
Four days $1,490 $1,975 $1,870 $1,770 $1,675 $1,575
Fulltime $1,625 $2,140 $2,040 $1,930 $1,825 $1,720
Three day schedules must include a Monday or a Friday.
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For Infants there is up to $400/month tuition assistance (max 20% of tuition) available from a special fund for middle income families. If you like the center, but the Infant tuition is just a little out of your budget, simply write a letter explaining how much support you need and why. Unless you inform us your financial circumstances have changed, the tuition assistance will remain in place until your baby changes to the 18 month rate.
Drop In’s

Additional drop in days are available only for current part-time families who need occasional care on additional days, and is charged at a daily rate, based on availability. Drop in care may also be available to alumni siblings of currently enrolled children, and to our graduated kinder kids, on school breaks/holidays during their kinder year. Unfortunately we are not able to offer drop in care to the general public, nor any longer to families who have left our program (except for siblings & alumni kinder kids)

Drop In Rates – up to 8.5 hrs:
Kinder Kids (visiting alumni)    $85/day
Preschoolers                                 $95/day
Toddlers 18 – 30 mths                  $105/day
Babies 3-17 months                     $115/day

To finalize your enrollment, a deposit of $2,000 for full time or $1,250 for part-time is required. The deposit will be applied to your last 60 days of tuition (after you have given notice). Families who have siblings enrolled at the same time receive a 10% discount on the oldest child’s tuition, families with more then two children enrolled receive an additional 5% discount (Youngest child full tuition, middle children 5% discount, oldest child 10% discount – while siblings are attending together).

Tuition for continuing families is set the spring of each fiscal year (July-June) and is billed monthly, due on the 25th of the month preceding care.  There is a one-time, initial Enrollment fee of $525/child (only first year), and an annual $425 Supply, Equipment & Materials fee, which is due September 1st each year.

Our Waitlist

Like most quality Bay Area childcare programs, St. John’s Childcare generally has a long waitlist.

Please call us  at 510-549-9342, email, or fill out the contact form below. to schedule a tour for a current opening. Tours are only available for current openings, as we receive too many requests to offer them to everyone. Tours are generally scheduled to start between 9:30 & 12, or between 3 and 4:30 and usually take about 30-45 minutes to complete. If you are trying to schedule  a tour for a current opening,  it is helpful if you include in your contact form or email  some days and times that would work for you.

We regret that we are unable to give tours unless there is a space available, as the tour process is disruptive for the children currently enrolled, especially the babies & toddlers.If you are interested in enrolling at a later date,   and are interested in being contacted for a tour when a space becomes available,  please email us at .

Be sure to include the following:

  • your name
  • your contact number
  • your address
  • your child’s birthdate
  • when you need care to begin
  • are you looking for full time or part time (how many days & which days you would prefer, if possible)

If a space that matches your needs becomes available, we will contact you to arrange a tour and answer any questions.

Admission Priorities

Enrollment priority is given to younger siblings of children already in attendance and families who attend St. John’s Presbyterian Church.  Other applicants are offered admission in the order they are received, balancing for age and sex of the child.  We project enrollment 4-9 months in advance, and offer spaces with as much notice as possible.

We will call you if we have a space for your child. If your address, phone number, email, anticipated start date – or baby’s birthdate change — please be sure to let us know.